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Publishing Glossary

The publishing industry has a language all its own. Below are some popular book content, book design, book marketing and selling, and miscellaneous publishing terms you'll get familiar with as you write, publish and sell your book.

Many entrepreneurs use their book AS A BUSINESS CARD!

An increasing number of professionals are taking advantage of the flexibility of independent book publishing to produce an book that promotes their business or field of expertise.

Independent book publishers will help with THE DISTRIBUTION OF YOUR book!

Leading independent book publishers utilize the same retail distribution channels that traditional publishers use for selling their books. Independent-published books are available for purchase through leading retail websites and for order through more than 5,000 "click-and-mortar" bookstores.

Author Resources

Three Things You Can Do to Stay Focused on Finishing Your book

1. When would you like to publish your first book? Choose an important day: perhaps your birthday, wedding anniversary or an important holiday, and pledge to publish the first copy of your book in your hands on that day.

2. When do you do your best work? Block off at least at couple of hours each day, when you are at your most productive for writing. Set a schedule, keep to it and don't deviate.

3. Who will be "your keeper" on this project? Find someone who will hold you accountable for finishing your book and report your daily progress to them. They can help keep you in line and on task and, perhaps more importantly, will be inclined to celebrate your ultimate success with you.

Where will you hold YOUR book`S LAUNCH PARTY?

All authors celebrate the publication of a new book with a launch party. Where will yours be? Will it be a book signing at a local bookstore or library? Will it be a party with friends and family? The sooner you publish your book, the sooner you can celebrate one of the biggest accomplishments of your life.

Let the reader decide if THEY LIKE YOUR book!

Now that authors can publish their books through independent book publishers readers- not editors, ultimately decide what is and what isn't a great book. That means anyone can become a star author indeed!

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